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MOBSoft can help you take your game from idea to reality. With decades of experience and talents from across the world, our team helps you evaluate, design, and develop your idea.

From idea to game

MOBSoft can provide services for every step of your game’s life. Our services include

  • Prototype development
  • Organization training games
  • Idea evaluation
  • Consultancy

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Any platform, any device

We have experience developing interactive experiences for all devices and can build on any platform. Consoles, PC, Mac, mobile, or VR. 

2D Artist
Leo spends most of her time creating amazing scenes and characters, and developing ideas for our own IP games.
Lead Artist
Felix is our lead artist and frequently draws attention (Get it? Draws attention? He's an artist? I guess you had
Programmer Minion
Ruben, or Ruby if you want to get your face smacked, is our resident programmer nerd. We aren't always sure
Electric Minion
Bjorn, or B, knows everything and is always right. He doesn't actually work for MOBSoft all the time but he
All-mighty Minion
Odette, or just O, is our all-mighty minion superior in charge of everything. As the company chief, we all bow

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